A5: A complete aesthetic and ergonomic redesign of the 12,000 sq. ft. ortho floor.

Women’s Floor: A complete makeover for the 50,000 sq. ft. center.


A5: Design-build included in existing spaces as well as high-resolution artistic wall covering, millwork, patient headwalls, life safety, medical gasses, tilework, and complete lighting package to include cove lighting in hallways and newly redesigned waiting room, nurse control and workstations

Women’s Floor: The complete makeover included patient gas rework, life safety, flooring, basic electrical and high-end fixtures, paint, millwork, a fully redesigned nurse control station and fully redesigned patient family lounge, nurse work stations, a waiting room, and all associated patient rooms in post-partum and labor and delivery

Intricate infection control/phasing for the two projects was critical to the project to keep the floors running and productive. Hospital staff and administration were very impressed with our ability to perform significant construction with no patient impact or complaint.